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Now Clean Water is Near
21.Nov.2014 Juliana Telaumbanua, Nias CEF

Onowaembo village, Gunungsitoli Idanoi, in Nias island, is one of the villages benefited from clean water facility projects by CDRM&CDS. One of the villagers, Melisa Gea (60), stated that after the building of clean water facility, she no longer have to walk far to fetch the water.

“Now I only need to walk 20 meters, and I get the clean water for daily needs easier. The water is pure and clean, and good for our health. The clean water is easily obtained, because the facility was built in 3 different locations in my village,” she said.

Before, the villagers used to fetch drinking water from Idanoi River. To reach the river, the villagers should walk approximately 100 meters and carry the water over their head.

“For old people like me, this was quite difficult. Moreover, the river water is not clean because it passes across several villages. Consequently, the villagers used to suffer from diarrhea and skin disease. Because of this, we have to continue maintaining this clean water facility,” Melisa stated.

By: Juliana Telaumbanua, Nias CEF



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