"Uphold The Rights of
Poor and Oppressed"

Focus on the rights to protection during emergencies and reduce disaster risk.

CDRM&CDS sees that disaster risk management and mitigation are key focuses of the program, which have to be linked with long term development. CDRM&CDS will facilitate the empowerment of vulnerable communities to enable them to reduce disaster risks and minimize disaster impact through provision of awareness and capacity building of CBOs, local authorities and congregations to enable them to organize relief, asses disasters, network for assistance for relief, prepare disaster management plans including disaster mapping, preparation and mitigation, and to implement mitigation projects. Communities will be empowered to mobilize own resources and to advocate duty bearers to provide assistance in case of emergencies, such as earthquakes, tsunami, droughts, floods, fire, landslides etc. CDRM&CDS also already had a membership with ACT (Action by Church Together) Alliance (www.actalliance.org) to get access to support for disaster relief, preparedness and mitigation.

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CDRM & CDS | Medan

Jl. Bunga Rampai V
Porlak Nommensen
Simalingkar B, Medan
Phone / Fax (62) 8227-7041-999


CDRM & CDS | Pakpak

Komplek Centrum GKPPD 
Jln Air Bersih, Sidikalang
Sumatera Utara 22272
Phone (62) 821 6213 8213


CDRM & CDS | Nias

Jln Tirta No. 49 KBN
Gunung Sitoli, Nias
Sumatera Utara 22815
Phone (62) 852 7557 1131


CDRM & CDS | Mentawai

Kantor Pusat GKPM Nemnemleleu
Desa Sikakap, Kecamatan Sikakap
Kabupaten Kepulauan Mentawai
Sumatera Barat 25391
Phone (62) 7593 22012