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The Center for Disaster Risk Management and Community Development Studies (CDRM&CDS) is a department of HKBP Nommensen University. CDRM&CDS is located in Simalingkar, Medan. The programs are focused on disaster risk management and capacity building of the communities. The CDRM&CDS has 4 field projects: Simalingkar, Nias, Pakpak (North Sumatera) and Mentawai (West Sumatera). CDRM&CDS is seeking for following position:

Job Tittle  : Training Officer (1 persons)
Based       : Gunung Sitoli – Nias
Report to : Field Coordinator

Job Description:

  1. * In coordination with Field Coordinators, play a key role in analyzing training needs of community target beneficiaries
  2. * Prepare annual training calendar for the field program
  3. * Contribute in preparing strategic plans and annual plans in the areas of training project beneficiaries
  4. * Facilitate the training organized centrally in field office
  5. * Assist community empowerment facilitators in conducting training in villages as appropriate
  6. * Carry out the monitoring of use of training and develop follow up mechanism
  7. * Develop and use training curriculum and training modules for various development related short training courses
  8. * Organize orientation of the training curriculum and training modules to other staff to enable them to conduct the training villages
  9. * Take the lead in producing IEC materials
  10. * Prepare ToR for planned training
  11. * Prepare detail budgets for the planned training
  12. * Maintain all records of training conducted for all villages
  13. * In coordination with other trainers, prepare various reports of trainings
  14. * Coordinate with relevant government and non government agencies for other technical training
  15. * Identify trainers for various technical training
  16. * Network with other government non government agencies for inclusion of CDRM&CDS training participants for larger benefit
  17. * Be a focus person for collecting various communication materials and forwarding to CDRM&CDS office in Medan
  18. * Assist Field Coordinator for overall program implementation
  19. * Act as Officer in charge in the absence of Field Coordinator
  20. * Fulfill any other responsibilities as may be assigned or delegated by the Field Coordinator in his/her absence

Technical skill and experience:

  1. * At least three years of experience of working within the voluntary and community sector
  2. * Excellent communication and presentation skills
  3. * Ability to define and manage own tasks and schedules
  4. * Have english writing and speaking skills.

Desirable qualifications:

  1. * Bachelor’s degree, preferable in education
  2. * Experience in developing training curriculum, modules and facilitating various general training
  3. * Ability to travel in various locations in Nias


CDRM&CDS is equal opportunity employer with respect to gender, ethnicity and religion. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Interested candidates are advised to send their CV and application to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CDRM&CDS - Universitas HKBP Nommensen
Jl. Tirta No. 49
Tohia – Gunung Sitoli
Nias 22815

CDRM&CDS encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, race, and religion. All practices and procedures reflect CDRM&CDS’s commitment to implement its work based on Child Protection Policy.

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CDRM & CDS | Medan

Jl. Bunga Rampai V
Porlak Nommensen
Simalingkar B, Medan,
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Phone / Fax (62) 8227-7041-999


CDRM & CDS | Pakpak

Komplek Centrum GKPPD 
Jl. Air Bersih, Sidikalang
Sumatera Utara 22272


CDRM & CDS | Nias

Jl. Tirta No. 49 KBN
Gunung Sitoli, Nias
Sumatera Utara 22815


CDRM & CDS | Mentawai

Kantor Pusat GKPM Nemnemleleu
Desa Sikakap, Kecamatan Sikakap
Kabupaten Kepulauan Mentawai
Sumatera Barat 25391