"Uphold The Rights of
Poor and Oppressed"

Overall goal

In formulating its 2009 - 2014 Country Strategy, CDRM&CDS identified "contributing to poverty alleviation through the rights based empowerment of Indonesia’s rural communities to manage and mitigate disasters and obtain sustainable development and the strengthening of disaster relief, rehabilitation and development organizations and agencies in Indonesia and the region" as its overall programme goal.

CDRM&CDS’s approach to accomplishing this goal focuses on several key areas and relies on combination of strategic approaches.


Program Focus Areas

  • Empowering communities to manage and mitigate disasters.
  • Strengthening communities’ ability to manage the development process and obtain their rights.
  • Empowering communities to obtain sustainable socio-economic livelihoods.
  • Strengthening Indonesian Lutheran Church diaconal arms to build up their organizational capacities and programs to provide better services.
  • Strengthening Indonesian and international development and rights agencies to build up their organizational capacities and programs to provide better services.
  • Building a strong, effective, efficient and sustainable organization, with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to fulfill its mission.


Strategic Approaches

  • The Empowerment Approach builds capacity and competence, in both individuals and communities, to achieve results for themselves. Equipping people and groups with knowledge, skills, and attitudes builds confidence and empowers people to take control of their lives. Actively involved in all aspects of their development, villagers assess their needs and then develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate plans.
  • The Integrated Approach considers that various lines of action interlink with and affect other areas. Environmental issues, disaster risk reductions, food security, income gerneration, education, health, gender and many other thematic areas are integral parts of all lines of action taken in any given sector. Interventions emphasize that emergency relief, rehabilitation, development, and disaster preparedness efforts are linked.
  • The Rights-Based Approach primarily involves building up rights awareness on all levels, both among the powerless and the powerful. Development objectives are also human rights objectives. An emphasis on human rights in the development context helps focus attention on structural inequities that cause and maintain poverty and exclusion.

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