"Uphold The Rights of
Poor and Oppressed"
  • Focus on the civil rights, political rights and cultural rights: the right to association, the right to participation, the right to raise voice and expression, the right to information, the right to human security, women’s rights and gender equality and local governance.

    CDRM&CDS will facilitate the empowerment process to enable communities, their CBOs and congregations to build up their capacities to lead and manage the development process effectively and efficiently. CBOs and congregations will be facilitated and empowered to assess their needs and rights, prepare annual development plans, mobilize own resources and network for external support, and to implement, monitor and evaluate their activities. CDRM&CDS will ensure that the poorest and vulnerable people will be included in the CBOs and congregations and participate actively in decision-making, the development process and associated activities. CBOs, congregations and their vulnerable community members will be empowered to know their rights and enabling them to assert their rights in order to hold the government at all levels as duty bearers accountable to take action to fulfill these rights. Simultaneously, high level government authorities will also be engaged by advocacy means to address raised concerns and to solve local conflicts.

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CDRM & CDS | Medan

Jl. Bunga Rampai V
Porlak Nommensen
Simalingkar B, Medan,
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Phone / Fax (62) 8227-7041-999


CDRM & CDS | Pakpak

Komplek Centrum GKPPD 
Jl. Air Bersih, Sidikalang
Sumatera Utara 22272


CDRM & CDS | Nias

Jl. Tirta No. 49 KBN
Gunung Sitoli, Nias
Sumatera Utara 22815


CDRM & CDS | Mentawai

Kantor Pusat GKPM Nemnemleleu
Desa Sikakap, Kecamatan Sikakap
Kabupaten Kepulauan Mentawai
Sumatera Barat 25391