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The spread of Covid-19 throughout the world is increasing including in Indonesia.
In Mentawai Islands District, there were seven positive case of Covid-19.

The Society life became paralyzed and made their anxiety higher than before. For almost three months the community have to stay away from the crowd and religious activity has to stop for unknown time.

Mabola Hamlet, Sikakap Village, Mentawai, West Sumatra is one of the CDRM & CDS' assisted hamlets. This hamlet has some experiences in some various training such as disaster preparedness, advocacy and group capacity strengthening. Their village also used to be facilitated for the personal and environmental hygiene training. This made the community aware of viruses and gain an understanding of the importance in maintaining personal hygiene, especially hands adn enviruonment hygiene.

Mabola Hamlet is the only hamlet that has prepared themself for COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 issue spread, the hamlet'shead and the community prepared gallons and soap to wash their hands at the entrance to the hamlet, immediately. "Villager or those who visiting Hamlet should wash their hands first beofre entering the Hamlet area, "said the Head of Mabola Hamlet, Mr. Marlis Samaloisa who also in charge of the COVID-19 Task Force in Mabola Hamlet.

Margareta Sabelau (46 years) is a housewife with 4 (four) children. One of the family from Mabola hamlet that attended personal hygiene training and socialization to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to women. She began to understand the importance of personal hygiene in this pandemic era. She has learned that COVID-19 could infected a man by touching hands, droplet and touching objects that have been infected. One infectious person could transmit more than ten people", she said.

It turned out that with that understanding, she took the initiative to make a hand washing facilities in front of her house. It is intended that families or guests who come can wash their hands first before entering the house. By providing hand washing facilities, she can prevent the virus come in to her house and could infected her family later.

It could become an example and duplicate to other people. Margareta hopes that CDRM & CDS would always share various knowledge and information which are needed by the community so they could understand and responsive with the existing issues and looking for the solutions. "There is no need to provide physical assistance for all communities, with sharing the knowledge would be very helpful and thoughts come brighter," she said.

Preventing ourslef from COVID-19 should be start from ourself too than we should influence as many as we can.

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Mrs Jernita Sababalat (38 years old) from the Makukuet Hamlet, Matobe Village, Mentawai is a woman with a disability. She is a mother of 3 children. When the CDRM & CDS team visited her house, she was busy serving buyers in her small stall which is supported by CDRM & CDS in 2016 to improve the economiy of families with disabilities. This family is also supported a package to prevent transmission of COVID-19 like personal hygiene tools such as buckets, soap and masks. We also interviewed her about the pancemic of Corona Virus which occurs at this moment in all over the wolrd. 

"First, I heard about Corona Virus through TV media. More and more people were infected and died. This situation scared our family of being infected by the deadly virus. We have ever heard before that there were some people have been infected ini this area. We got more scared and decided not to go out because didn't want to get infected, especially the children. They are still young and of course very vunerable. Since CDRM & CDS began to facilitated health promotion through posters, banner, hand washing simulation, and supported some personal hygiene kits such as buckets, soap and masks, the fear of the Corona virus getting down. It is not because the virus is no longer dangerous but through health promotion and personal hygiene kit make me and my family not worries of being infected as long as we follow CDRM & CDS's recommendations like keeping the distance, especially for people who come from outside, always wear a mask when go out of the house and wash hand after doing some activities. I have a small stall, means i made lot of contact with the buyers and so do when iI exchange the money with them. I advised all buyers who come to my stall to wear a mask and wash their hands with soap which is have been provided. Gratitude to CDRM & CDS, because of their supporting and assisting we know how to prevent ourselves from Corona".

Her husband, Mr. Muktar Saogo said the same thing. He shared his experience and said that "As the head of my family, who works as a farmer and having many outdoor activities go out, and meet many people who want to buy banana my garden. I cannot go home directly before i take a bath in the river which is located near my house. Its about twenty meters. I do it every time I go home to protect my family from dissemination of Corona Virus spread. Before, we did not have hand washing in front of the house but now we have it by the supported from CDRM & CDS. It makes easier for us to wash the hands every time we get back home and also for the guests who come from outside. Moreover, they equipped us with masks too made us feel protected. Therefore, the scary of the corona virus decrease as our knowledge of how to prevent it increase. Thank you very much to CDRM & CDS that had share the information on how to prevent it. More communities are aware of prvention, and hope it would less likely to be infected. Thus, I am calmer now."

CDRM & CDS also visited and interviewed an elderly woman, her named is Mrs. Ursulla (73 years old) who was also supported by a hygiene kits and mask. She said "before, I was completely unaware of the Corona pandemic. I work as usual even I have heard from the villagers, I did not take it seriously. Then there was a prohibition to worship in the Church, but I did not get clear information that the worship in the Chruch is prohibited. CDRM & CDS play a very important role to give an understanding of what Corona Virus is and how to prevent it to me. Moreover, CRDM & CDS provides me some soaps, masks and buckets. Thank you very much to CDRM & CDS for giving me an understanding of Corona Virus. So that I am more alert in preventing it as taught to me", she said in the Mentawai language.

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CDRM&CDS mendistribusikan paket sarana cuci tangan kepada Rumah Tangga Mitra untuk mencegah penularan COVID-19 Di Desa Matobe-Mentawai

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