"Uphold The Rights of
Poor and Oppressed"
My Reflection Through Human Right Training in Nias

In Indonesia, the rights of citizens is guaranteed by constitution. In fact, many citizens do not understand their right and tend to be ignored by local governments. Limited knowledge of communities, is one of the factors that may affect this condition. There is unbalanced power relations between the community and the government.

I had this reflection when I attended human rights training facilitated by CDRM&CDS in Gunungsitoli, Nias Island. I also learnt from my visit to Nazalou Lolowua village that CDRM&CDS has become a forum for us to learn about human rights, as expressed by village head of Nazalo Lolowua, Rorogo Zega, that with the presence of CDRM& CDS in Nazalou, villagers learnt to network and collaborated with various government agencies to build their village.

”A few years ago, we suspected the presence of CDRM&CDS staff in our village. But after various discussions and meetings, we found many positive changes. Previously, the local government never visited our village. But with CDRM&CDS presence, the local government is ofted visited us. We build good cooperation with them. Our village is getting ahead after the local government built the road and water canal. It happened with CDRM&CDS assistance to link us with local government. CDRM&CDS also taught us about saving and credit cooperatives (Koperasi Simpan Pinjam)” said the village head.

CDRM&CDS has also motivated the community to participate in village development, the also succeed in advocating government program. This positive change motivated me to continue work in promoting rights of the community, especially in my service. I wish CDRM&CDS continue empowering community to develop their own village.

By: Diaconal Emmy Lasma (Works in Caritas Emergency, social diaconia in HKBP, Pematang Siantar)



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