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My Rice Yield Increases

Otilina Mendrofa (42), head of Sahabat women group, Nazalou Lolowua village, Nias, tells her story about her harvest progress after assisted by CDRM&CDS:

 “My rice yields at the end of 2013 has really increased. In the past, my 10 acres rice fields only produced 240 jumba (384 kg) rice, but now it produce 300 jumba (480 kg) rice.

I used to plant local variety rice with 2 times of growing season. Now, I plant rice from yielding seed varieties (provided by Agriculture Department), and I could plant rice 3 times a year. My rice harvest is increased, my land is more productive and efficient. Moreover, the rice is softer and taste better. 

This success started with CDRM&CDS assistance towards farmer and women groups in the village. CDRM&CDS field staff facilitated the groups to access government program. Before, the local government only paid little attention to the village farmers. The farmers rarely received training, counseling, or support for seeds and pestisides. With CDRM&CDS support, sub-district Agriculture and Forestry Extension Institute (BPPK) coordinator eventually came to support the villagers. They also conducted trainings on pig husbandry and rice cultivation for the villagers.

BPPK coordinator asked the farmers to submit proposal to Aggriculture Department. Again, with CDRM&CDS support we applied rice seeds support for 10 hectares rice fields, and proposed rice fields expansion to 20 hectares. We also received support for yielding seed varieties. We planted these seeds in our rice fields, and the result is very satisfactory. We will continue this program in the future.”

BY: Juliana Telaumbanua, Nias CEF



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